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Chaturbate – [Superior Online Cam Site]
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  • An absolute Titan in the adult industry and is without question one of the most widely-visited cam sites in the world.
  • Over the past 6 months alone, Chaturbate has received an estimated 1,987,150,000,000 visits. (Yes, that is correct with a B, billion.)
  • Cam performers thumbnails feature various stamps that provide with you quick insight regarding whether they are new to the platform, offer HD streaming, their age, sex and various model services.

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Asked Questions

  • How Do We “Rank” Cam Sites?

    Cam sites are ranked through a combination of weighted consumer reviews, our own special algorithm and through cam site reputability (accessed weekly).

  • Are All Cam Sites Listed Free?

    Not all cam sites shared here are listed free of charge. The majority of the sites shared possess free features but they are not 100% free of charge. To learn more regarding the pricing we invite you to read our concise reviews.

  • Are You Charged Referral Fees For Visiting A Cam Site Listed On This Website?

    We provide our services free of charge. By visiting a cam site through our website you will not incur additional charges, referral fees or up-charges.

  • Are All Sites Listed For Adults Only?

    Sites listed are for those age 18 or older. Most of the cam sites we feature on our page maintain PG13 ratings for public chats, although, you should read each sites terms and conditions to learn more regarding their age restriction.

  • Your Favorite Sex Site Isn’t Listed; Do You Let Us Know?

    Without a doubt, let us know! We are consistently bombarded with a stream of live porn, cam sites and much more, the more we can review the better! If you believe your sex cam site is one of the best, we’ll gladly add it to our list of sites to review.

  • Are Any Of These Cam Sites Frauds?

    No. The sex cam sites featured at www.best5sexcams.com, are the best in the industry and have been evaluated by our team for credibility. Most sites are legally registered within their respective countries and pay taxes to their respective governments. We cannot, however, guarantee that you will not be scammed by other using the sites. You can learn more regarding some basic safety guidelines by browsing our blog section.

  • Are We Paid To Rank A Sex Cam Site Better?

    No, sex cam sites are ranked upon merit and reputability. We may receive small amounts for any qualifying leads or clicks but this model does not play any role with affecting the position of a cam site featured at www.best5sexcams.com, those funds are used to keep the site online and compensate our team of reviewers.

  • Have A Bad Experience With A Chat Site; Here’s How Do You Tell Us?

    If you had a bad experience with one of the sites listed here we would very much like to hear about it, you may contact us through our contact form on our Contact page. From there, your experiences will be weighed where we’ll decide to reevaluate the platform under scrutiny and dictate the best course of action from there.

  • How Do I Contact WWW.BEST5SEXCAMS For Questions Relating To The Site, An Idea To Improve The Site Or An Inquiry On A Potential Partnership?

    We would enjoy hearing from you, you may contact us 24/7 by filling out our contact form found here. We look forward to your suggestions or a future partnership.

  • How Do I Cancel And Get Refunds From A Site?

    www.best5sexcams solely reviews the sex cam sites, we do not own any of the live porn or cam sites listed on this website. As a result, we are not in a position capable of refunding money you may have spent on any site you joined. Bear in mind, however, that we only review the best sex cam sites and as a result these entities oftentimes are accompanied with a money-back guarantee due to their legal business structure. You may request for a refund by contacting the site in question.

  • Do You Have Questions Not Listed?

    If you are new to the world of live porn, sex cam sites or have any questions relating to www.best5sexcams, don’t hesitate to contact us by sending us an email our by contacting our team.