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F1s Developer’s Kit Red Review

The F1s Developer’s Kit Red programmable self-masturbator by Lelo offers 15 different pleasure-seeking modes, a pair of Lelo gloves, a starter guide, an instruction manual, a USB charger, a do not disturb sign, a satin pouch, a premium cleaning spray, and of course the high-performance F1S masturbator.

Sensonic technology coupled with a waterproof constructed enables this Bluetooth sex toy to support SDK, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Reality along with automated cruise control.

Available with an iOs and Android mobile app, the Lelo app takes alone time to new heights.

Read our honest review to get the full scoop regarding Lelo’s F1s Developer’s Kit Red masturbator.

About F1s Developer’s Kit Red

The F1s Developer’s Kit Red masturbator combines sophistication and high-performance technology.

Acting as an autonomous self-masturbator with temperature control, this masturbator also provides 15 vibrational modes, a cutting-edge ergonomic design, and a life-like membrane that changes the game.

When paired with a mobile application, the Lelo F1s demo app takes pleasure-seekers on a wild coaster of new stimulations that can only be generated by their unique design and programmed technology.

Clean up is simplified with the masturbator being completely waterproof.

Additionally, the F1s Developer’s Kit Red masturbator is easily portable.

For those who have an appreciation for the finer things in life at times, the F1s Developer’s Kit Red masturbator is geared towards enriching your life through the marriage of pleasure and technology.

Steps to Use the F1s Developer’s Kit Red

  1. Should users wish not to use the app, you can power on the F1s Developer’s Kit Red masturbator by holding the power button featured in the middle top of the masturbator.
  2. Now hold the power button again, the masturbator will power up and warm up to maximum speed before slowing down to its lightest mode.
  3. The device is now primed and ready, apply a generous sum of lube inside the device along with around the head of your penis.
  4. First-time users should slowly insert their penis inside the device to ensure that the masturbator will accommodate their size.
  5. Once accommodation has been verified, users can ramp the intensity by pressing the “ + “ button which will increase the vibrational strength but be warned, this masturbator is powerful!
  6. Once complete, power off by holding down the center power button for 3 seconds and the F1s masturbator will power down.

Pricing, Returns, and Shipping

The F1s Developer’s Kit Red, marketed as the world’s first SenSonic sextech console for men, has a retail price of 169,00 €.

Many of Lelo products, this masturbator included, can be found in hundreds of adult stores in the United States and online through major marketplaces.

Products can come with a one to ten-year warranty while most packages are delivered through DHL and UPS while P.O. box delivery is prohibited through the site.

Shipping rates are currently set at a rate of $9.90 and may vary depending upon a customer’s location.

Returns are accepted within 14 days of receipt while full refunds are eligible within 30 days after the original purchase date.

F1s Developer’s Kit Red Reviews

The F1s Developer’s Kit Red masturbator shares strong online reviews.

Backed by major online sex stores and reflecting transparent and supportive customer feedback, this masturbator is top-rated and continues to become more accepted and widely used by everyday pleasure-seekers.

Here is one review we found on Amazon.

Nick – “Very different but it works and fast. It doesn’t have a stroking action just vibration, and the insert inside is pretty small probably 5 inches.”

Performance & Design

The F1s Developer’s Kit Red masturbator is robust and easy to use.

Comprised of a premium textured aluminum body, this masturbator features a grooved internal silicone canal that is monitored through 10 performance sensors while simple one-handed controls allow for a more hands-free experience.

The internal canal supports a length of 5.5 inches while the F1s massages through powerful dual motors that support Cruise Control and the new SenSonic vibration technology.

As a whole, this kit is considered the all-in-one package for male pleasure.

Advantages of F1s Developer’s Kit Red

  • One and ten-year warranties supported
  • Body safe material and design ensure longevity
  • Easy to use, clean, and 100% waterproof
  • Powerful motors and up to 15 vibration modes
  • Complete 360 wrap-around design for ultimate stimulation
  • Masculine design, mobile phone friendly, and innovative
  • Affordable and can be used with or without the Lelo F1s demo app

A couple of complaints regarding the F1s Developer’s Kit Red would be that it won’t accommodate large penises while thrusting movements may feel strange due to the overall functionality and autonomous nature of this masturbator.

Try the F1s Developer’s Kit Red

Many climaxes await those that seek the 15 SenSonic vibration pleasure modes, temperature-controlled and all-encompassing accommodation of this autonomous programmed masturbator.

Blending a marriage of technology and pleasure, the F1s Developer’s Kit Red masturbator should be a resource available in every man’s pleasure chest.

Curb your appetite and experience a serious change-of-pace with this high-powered and sensational automated masturbator and spice up of your alone time!

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Image Courtesy: Google.com