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Lovense Long-Distance Sex Toys Review

Lovense is a pioneer of intimate and highly satisfying sex toys.

Combining technology with human instincts, Lovense is positively disrupting the adult industry through their top-rated and raved sex toys, cam streaming abilities, and versatility.

Staying intimately connected with your long-distance partner or erotically heightening your alone time has never been a seamless experience such as the one warranted by Lovense’s long-distance sex toys.

To get the full scoop regarding Lovense’s long-distance sex toys, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About Lovense Sex Toys

Lovense was established in 2010 when it debuted the first internet-control sex toy, known as the “smart” vibrator that was controlled through a Skype connection along with the ability to sync vibrations with music.

With innovation at the forefront of Lovense, consumers have seen this company bring to market 18 sex toys over the past decade while combining technology with pleasure, a skillset that Lovense is only too familiar with and excels at.

Having received a multitude of rewards and recognitions over the years, Lovense supports a transparent business model and has received praise from not only consumers but also media outlets such as Rolling Stone, Nerve, BuzzFeed, Men’s Health, and more.

Springboarding Lovense into an industry-leader can be contributed to the release of their exclusive long-distance sex toys, which include the Nora (for her) and the Max 2 (for him).

How do they Work?

The long-distance sex toys by Lovense are user-friendly and easy to use.

Simply connect each toy to an internet-connected device that supports Bluetooth, like a cellphone or most computers, then message or call your partner via the Lovense software.

While the Lovense software is fully functional (stream capability and user functionality) on its own, its long-distance sex toys are also compatible with virtual streaming services like Skype.

When both you and your partner are ready, begin using the toys.

The long-distance sex toys will respond to your partner’s movements and vice versa.

For instance, when the man slides the Max 2 Masturbator onto his penis, the head of the Nora sex toy will begin rotating for his partner while the faster you move the toy up and down the faster her Nora sex toy vibrates.

On the flip side, when women move their vibrator, the air pump in the Max 2 Lovense sex toy will start pumping air, which mimics vaginal contractions while the speed of her movement determines the vibrational and contractional intensity.

Fully Encrypted Security

Lovense respects consumer’s privacy and security and ensures that every byte of data that passes through their servers, such as texts, pictures, and voice messages, is fully encrypted.

Should one feel uncomfortable using Lovense software then they can consider using Skype as their streaming alternative while still enjoying the benefits of sex toys.

Lovense Sex Toy Reviews

Shared below are some reviews we found regarding Lovense sex toys:

Piper T. – “It feels ok. I don’t know if it’s personal preference but although the vibrations can be powerful they are still a little lacking in my opinion. I’m 5’7 120lbs and I’m pretty sensitive, but still think it could use a little more intensity at the highest level. I don’t know if it is worth the money for you, but it was for us! My partner and I have still enjoyed using it once in awhile!”

Hannah B – Many people have said how it disconnects all the time, and I understand that. The biggest reason I found for it disconnecting was because I have thicker thighs and it covered a good portion of the tip. This is definitely a toy where you have to have your legs spread a little to get it to be accurate. I’m so happy with this item”

Alison – “This is the most expensive vibrator we’ve ever purchased, and it shows. We bought it to use on cam, but have only just played around with it at home so far. My wife even controlled it from work one day. A lot of fun, and super powerful. The only thing I will say is that if you want to control it from the app you definitely need a seperate device if you want to watch “adult videos”. Split screen was okay, but would be much easier to just use a computer or tablet.”

As a whole, Lovense’s sex toys reflect hundreds of positive reviews.

5 Core Features

  • Intelligent Playback – A popular feature for military couples, the Intelligent Playback feature enables partners to record and playback the same sex toy patterns that were used during a previous call.
  • Quick Response Time – Through advanced systems built within sex toys, partners can feel each other’s movements nearly in real-time.
  • Streaming Versatility – Lovense is compatible with third-party video chat services like Skype should users wish not to stream via Lovense software.
  • Product Availability – Lovense offers nearly twenty high-powered and intuitively constructed sex toys that is geared towards spicing up anyone’s personal time.
  • Two-Way Interactivity – Unlike other long-distance sex toys, Lovense is one of the few purveyors of sex toys that offers two-way streaming capability with Bluetooth connected sex toys.

The Bottom Line

Playful couples in long-distance relationships would be hard-pressed to find a dependable and high-rated array of sex toys than those offered by Lovense.

Having innovated the adult sex toy industry over the past decade, Lovense is changing the way couples can intimately stay connected during these rough and difficult times following the Coronavirus pandemic.

With technology and pleasure at the helm of Lovense, it will be interesting to see how they further affect change within the adult industry while bridging together those special to one another.