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Should You Tip Cam Girls or Not?

source: LiveCamGirls101.com

For some reason, there appears to be quite a gray area surrounding whether or not you should tip cam girls.

One way to think about the question would be comparing the query to that of tipping a waitress.

In short, yes you should tip a cam girl and we’ll tell you why.

When you tip a cam girl or waitress you are showing your appreciation for an experience rather than a service rendered.

Also, what many cam watchers don’t know would be that the networks that cam girls work through take a considerable portion of their received revenue, generally between 20% to 40%.

This means that for every $100 that a cam girl generates in revenue, they will receive somewhere between $60 to $80 while then owing tax money on those earnings where generally you can tack on an additional 7% to 15%.

So when it’s all said and done, cam girls are only receiving between 45% to 73% of their earned income.

Couple that with the bills, technology fees, sex toys, dress-up attire, and other expenses and you begin to realize that most cam girls are busting their fucking chops off not only to make ends meet but to ensure that they can stay afloat.

To expand, the majority of cam girls are only performing part-time due to pre-existing responsibilities in their everyday life, which generally indicates that cam girls are performing these erotic and risqué services to bridge financial gaps or even more admirably, trying to change their futures around for the better.

Pleasurable services rendered in an adventurous and engaging style should be rewarded and considering how the bulk of the revenue for cam girls originate from tips opposed to company earnings that derive from shows sold, cam girls, tend to benefit more from tips while also their tips aren’t infringed upon as significantly as their show earnings.

Additionally, if you are in a free chat trying to capture the attention of your performer, one sure-fire way to get the job done would be by throwing a tip her way.

Doing so will inform the cam girl that she has your attention and that you’d like to become better acquainted with her, which will likely lead to a private show.

The only time when this situation isn’t plausible would be when you are in a room full of gentlemen like yourself who are in the middle of a tipping war because this could provoke you into tipping more than you had originally planned, should this be the case then you are much better off finding a stunning performer who has fewer participants in her chat room.

To add, it is common courtesy to tip cam girls for partaking in adventurous behavior, such as kinky acts, bondage, machine dildos, etc., for being a good sport and surpassing your bawdy expectations.

Another time you should consider tipping your cam girl a little extra would be when she works overtime to help you finish, we call that going above-and-beyond the call of duty and it not only shows class but also that she cares about you having a great experience almost as much as you do.

While you should always tip cam girls, there is one vital flaw to this methodology of good business practice that needs to be taken under due consideration and that would be if you received extreme harassment or profane abuse from your cam girl (unless you asked for it of course).

Not only are those obscene acts a violation of good business etiquette but it also goes on to reveal that your cam girl may be under extreme stress, where tipping may help to taper off the disrespectfulness being emitted but by no means are you obligated to indulge these corrosive behaviors, therefore, it is always best to trust your gut in those rare times.

Remember, cam girls don’t receive an inordinate amount of revenue for their highly-demanded services unless they generate a significant following, are a porn star, or are working with a network who has their best interest at heart but these are rare occasions which leave the bulk of beautiful and jaw-dropping cam girls struggling to stay afloat.

Therefore, practice good etiquette like most cam girls show you, and not only will you benefit from a more adventurous and custom-tailored experience but you’ll have her respect as well for future streaming experiences to unfold.

Image Courtesy: Google.com