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Chaturbate Review – [Superior Online Cam Site]


Chaturbate takes the highest level of online cams and raises the bar even higher.

Their motto, echoed,”The Act of Masturbating While Chatting Online,” accurately depicts the professionalism, quality and comforting atmosphere that you can simply just not find anywhere else.

To get an insider’s first-hand look, we invite you to read our Chaturbate review.

Chaturbate Overview

Chaturbate is the 7th most popular adult site in the world.

They are an absolute Titan in the adult industry and is without question one of the most widely-visited cam sites in the world.

Over the past 6 months alone, Chaturbate has received an estimated 1,987,150,000,000 visits. (Yes, that is correct with a B, billion.)

Their site has received nearly 2 billion visitors in the past 6 months combined.

Last month their site averaged 311.65 million cam visitors.

Chaturbute.com is most popular within the US (United States for you foreigners).

Over 28% of all the sites traffic stems from visitors based with an IP in the US.

If you are looking for the best online cam sites in the world, well, Chaturbate must be thrown into the discussion.

Clean site aesthetics enable first-time cam viewers a glimpse into a wild world full of sinful pleasures and intense sexual experiences that can’t be hardly replicated anywhere else.

Chaturbate has truly mastered the Act of Online Cam Masturbating.

What To Expect

There is an absolute plethora of cam models at your disposal at Chaturbate.

Offering one of the most expansive libraries of cam models, you’d be hard-pressed to find something residing outside your interests.

Female, male, couples and transsexuals are among the model types.

From there you can use tags featured above the cam model genders to find online performers who tailor their show around those tags.

If you click on the tags #milf, #bigass and #brunette for instance it is a rather quick way to deduce the cam models to fit that category.

There are an expansive array of tags and they vary as such, to get the best idea visit Chaturbate.com to see what variety they have to offer.

What is nice about their platform would be that the cam performers thumbnails feature various stamps that provide with you quick insight regarding whether they are new to the platform, offer HD streaming, their age, sex and various model services.

From there you can browse cam styles by HD cams, Private shows, group shows, new shows, exhibitionist shows and free shows.

Pricing [+Hidden Fees]

One of the nice features regarding Chaturbute would be that it enables cam streamers the ability to focus more on the entertainment than having to monitor their balance.

Private shows can be streamed in accordance to tokens per minute.

For instance, 6, 12, 18, 30, 60 and 90 token per minute private shows are able to be navigated and experienced accordingly.

Apart from gaining free tokens from visiting Chaturbute below, you’ll have to load your account in order to partake in some of the more higher end private shows.

Shared below are the current prices for tokens with credit card payment:

  • 100 Tokens for $10.99
  • 200 Tokens for $20.99
  • 400 Tokens for $39.99
  • 550 Tokens for $49.99
  • 750 Tokens for $62.99
  • 1,000 tokens for $79.99

Additional payment methods include American Express, Wire Transfer & Cryptocurrencies.

During this moment, Chaturbute did not possess any hidden fees (thankfully).

5 Popular Site Features

Free Cams

One of the most widely used features of Chaturbute would be their free cam shows that come after you have registered for a free account.

Private Show Pricing

Many cam sites offering private shows but they don’t enable their viewers a feature that filter out the cost of streaming private shows per minute, whereas, with Chaturbate you can stream various private shows in accordance to their cost.

Exhibitionist Cams

If you are looking to completely ditch the experience of Internet porn while experiencing a heightened cam streaming experience, check out the wild babes who do exhibitionist shows and you’ll definitely be coming back for another peak after.

Mobile Compatible

Chaturbate offers a sleek desktop platform but their platform is most optimized for mobile users, experience high quality streaming on all mobile devices through Chaturbate.


If you aren’t necessarily sure what you are seeking for cam models or if you have hard to please preferences then Chaturbute is one of the few cam sites that likely houses everything you are seeking.


Chaturbute is one of the most popular cam sites in the world.

Their site receives over an estimated 300 million monthly visitors.

This is nearly 1,000 times the sum of some competing cam sites.

Chaturbate is one of the most reputable cam sites for US visitors.

If you are looking for reputability and trustability then Chaturbate is among the best.

The Pros [What We Like]

  • Reputability: Chaturbate is one of the most popular cam sites in the world, their site numbers and long track record back this up.
  • Variety: Chaturbate employs more cam models than most online competitors ensuring a more diverse employment pool of cam models, pornstars and performers.
  • Pricing: Compared to other live sex cam sites, Chaturbate is one of the most affordable and offers filtering preferences based upon pricing
  • Cam Styles: Chaturbate offers up to 5 different cam styles for show types.
  • Chaturbate Reviews: Chaturbate is one of the most respected and trusted online cam sites in the adult industry for over a decade.

The Cons [Drawbacks / Complaints]

  • Features: Chaturbate lacks cam features like Bluetooth enabled sex toys which enable cam users to experience a more heightened streaming experience.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to get started with online cam sites and are looking for one of the best then Chaturbate won’t let you down.

There is a logical reason they have been an industry leader within the cam site niche for over a decade while being one of the most popular adult sites in the world.

Supported by over 300 million visitors every month, Chaturbate is an online cam site to watch out for moving forward in the New Year.

To receive more tokens with Chaturbate, check out their platform below!

Visit chaturbate.com