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Live Jasmin Review – [Best Live Sex Cam Site?]

Live Jasmin

There is little doubt to the truth of how Live Jasmin is one of the most well-known cam sites in the world. People from different points across the globe have heard of Live Jasmin, and those you who haven’t, well, it’s only a short amount of time until they dive into the land of endless fantasies that is internet porn.

Featuring a seamless integration of large, high resolute thumbnail images, the cam models give a whole new meaning to the terms of a colorful and uniquely crafted collage.

Whatever ethnicities you’ve been dying to know more about are all accessible with a few motions and clicks of a mouse. Better yet would be the hidden gems you didn’t know about until you ventured far enough into this exciting new territory.

From European women whose imaginations know no bounds to some of the most widely requested (Black, Asian, Blonde, Latina, Middle-Eastern) models on the face of this fine Earth, LiveJasmin.com has it all.

To learn more regarding Live Jasmin going into the 2020 New Year we invite you to continue reading our Live Jasmin review.

Cams preview

Memberships & Pricing

Live Jasmine has over 10 million users on their site every single day.

This didn’t happen by chance either, oh no.

Live Jasmin is the cream-of-the-crop for live cam sites.

Their humble origins can be traced back over 18 years and have long been considered the industry standard of what every online cam site should aim to be.

Over 50,000 cam models and porn stars use their platform.

With such variety comes a fair bit of temptation.

Considered affordable by many and pricey to some, shared below are the credit packages available for purchase at LiveJasmin.com.

  • 27.99 + 12.60 Credits = 40.59 Credits for $33.99
  • 67.99 + 30.60 Credits = 98.59 Credits for $75.99
  • 97.99 + 44.10 Credits = 142.09 Credits for $106.99
  • 157.99 + 71.10 Credits = 299.09 Credits for $169.99

Live Jasmin also offers amazing special promotions:


These credits are used as the currency to pay for special features found at Live Jasmin.

Most users have 10 free minutes with actors prior to being required to pay any credits.

Live Jasmin cam models are NOT your ordinary cam models – their services are Top Notch!

Accepted payment methods include credit/debit card, PayPal, Skrill, Cryptocurrencies and Online Gift Cards.

Best Live Jasmin Features

Live Jasmin has blazed the way for the best online cam sites by offering some of the best services that keep their members and models coming back.

As briefly mentioned moments ago, site viewers are able to view broadcasts for 10 minutes prior to being prompted to register an account.

After site visitors have created their account (which bear in mind all information is discreet and privately handled) more services become available such as viewing models’ galleries, active polls where models can be awarded if they win, the ability to add select models to your favorites along with the fun opportunity to chat with models while they are broadcasting.

For a small fee, members can send a surprise to models, start a private show (really popular), play games with models along with have the option to turn your camera and mic on for models.

Live Jasmin billing is done discreetly and is billed under a name that should avoid suspicions from those you may look to thwart your precious alone time.

Cam example

This is a topic not discussed as much as it should be but it becoming more common within the adult industry, sex therapy.

Long-time members of Live Jasmin report that they use Live Jasmin regularly for sexual forego, experimentation and as a result have experienced much life-enriching experiences.

The importance of sex therapy cannot be stressed upon enough, thankfully Live Jasmin is operating as yet again another forerunner upon this important topic bringing awareness to all who surf the endless opportunities available to them at LiveJasmin.com.


Live Jasmin is one of the most popular sites in the world.

It is ranked as the 144th most popular site globally and is ranked as the 13th top-rated adult site of all time, according to SimiliarWeb reports.

Last month alone the site pushed over 300 million visitors.

There is no doubt that Live Jasmin is as popular as ever and continues to pave the way in the live cam site industry.

Live Jasmin Reviews

Almost anywhere you look on the web, there are reviews solidifying the fact that Live Jasmin IS one of the most popular and trusted live cam sites.

Used by millions of people everyday, it is difficult for one to argue that Live Jasmin could be a scam

However, that’s not to say that there have not been complaints.

A site used by over 300 million people EVERY month, we were shocked with the absence of complaints to be honest.

Most of the complaints we found seemed to stem from infuriated spouses but collectively, as a whole, Live Jasmin still reflects the best reputability within the industry.

Live Jasmin v.s. Competitors

Better Reputability

Live Jasmin has been one of the best adult cam sites.

While there are many live cam sites, only a handful pack as much as a wow factor such as Live Jasmin.

Competitors such as ImLive, Flirt4Free and Cams.com are Live Jasmin closest rivalries but it doesn’t negate from the the fact that Live Jasmin still reigns supreme over all.

Competitors not only lack the scope reflected by Live Jasmin but also the variety exhibited and made available to all whom visit LiveJasmin.com.

Quality Versus Quantity

Live Jasmin has long been plagued as being a little high cost.

Like many online cam sites, LiveJasmin.com offers a credit system for their users.

These credits, as previously disclosed, may appear steep to some but those of you who possess prior experience in the live cam site industry will know, quality always beats quantity.

Considering that Live Jasmin is the authoritative and leading figure within the adult cam site arena, we believe that for the services that they offer that you could find little better elsewhere.

Business Good Standing


Live Jasmin was incepted back in 2001.

For over 18 years Live Jasmin has reflected good business standing – a feat not easily held or overcome by competing cam sites.

Combine this desirable business transparency with the fact that for over the best decade that Live Jasmin has pretty much been the most popular and widely visited cam site across the world and the value of the services rendered by Live Jasmin speak for themselves.

Live Jasmin Social

Top 3 Voted Features


If you want an experience that will give you those butterfly jitters once again, or simply a more fulfilling experience than the Cam2Cam feature at Live Jasmin may be for you.

With you both sharing your camera  and mic feed, you can interact in a manner that extends outside the lines of your keyboard.

Credits are required to use this feature since a majority of the interactions involve hot, virtual cam sex.


VibraToy is quickly becoming a favorite among those who are frequent cam site users.

A cam model who has opted with VibraToy will reflect a badge on their profile, what is unique about the VibraToy would be that the cam site visitors are the one who control this toy.

Through Bluetooth connection, VibraToy can perform a functions such as vibration, rotation and intensity input.

Members are able to control the VibraToy for a per minute fee by moving their mouse but for those of you who like to have control then VibraToy is an ideal feature for you.

Private Show

Purchased through credits, private shows aren’t given enough justice.

If you want straight-up primal, provocative and hot interactions with your cam model (one-on-one) then private shows are the way go.

Models receive more compensation with private shows and you have them on your own without the nagging annoyance of others who may affect what you are seeking.

In regards to private adult web cams quality, Live Jasmin has the best cam models and pornstars featured on their platform so finding that ace in the hole becomes significantly easier.

Live Jasmin Recap

Live Jasmin has remained as the go-to online cam sit for users across the globe.

Their reputability is undeniable while their ability to invoke site visitors imagination has served as a founding pillar for which they are built upon.

Even if you are new to the world of online cam sites, Live Jasmin has the features tailored and available to render a comfortable, and pleasurable, first-time experience.

Featuring exotic cam models and pornstars, the choices are simply endless at LiveJasmin.com.

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