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What’s the Deal with Sex Cam Tokens?


Chances are you’ve been there at some point or another, running the conversions on the best sex cam token packages (to find the best deal) or simply reloading your account balance to partake in more late-night streaming shenanigans.

Whatever your reasoning you’ve been bound to ask yourself at some point or another why sex cam tokens exist and what’s the point of them?

While the answer may seem quite forward to some, to others it delves deeper than what’s on the surface and into the human psychic as you are shortly about to find out.

To get the answers regarding the deal with sex cam tokens, and more, we invite you to read our enlightening article regarding the psychology behind sex cam tokens.

Why Sex Cam Tokens Exist

Sex cam tokens exist primarily to increase monetization, revenue, and viewership.

Take for instance the following scenario:

Would you be more likely to spend $10.00 to take a porn model to a private show or would you rather cough up 3 tokens?

Chances are you’re going to stick with the 3 tokens because to us 3 tokens appear to be less than $10 worth in value.

It really just comes down to the psychology behind tokenization.

The Psychology Behind Tokenization

Breaking down the reasoning for tokenization primarily roots to monetary gain.

As elaborated in the scenario above, it is far less difficult for an individual to cough up a few tokens as opposed to a fixed price of their hard-earned money.

To add, when it comes to the acquisition of sex cam tokens, they tend to be purchased in bulk, therefore, giving the viewer a steady stockpile of tokens begging to be put to work.

This can be further expanded by pointing out how many avid cam viewers also tend to forget the conversion for their acquired tokens which makes spending sex cam tokens less off-putting then opposed to having a debit card being charged for every stream.

How Much Sex Cam Tokens Cost

Nearly every adult cam site that you encounter will reflect different token packages.

Varying prices, exclusive discounts, free tokens with higher-tier packages, and other enrollment incentives such as a free private show and a cam-to-cam interactive sex toy stream tend to play a contributing role in a visitor’s token acquisition.

Now depending upon the online cam site you surf, the term tokens may also be referred to as credits.

To gain a better understanding of the affordability of tokens, we’ve included the sex credit packages featured at Live Jasmin, an industry-leading live sex cam portal.

  • 99 + 12.60 (Bonus) Credits = 40.59 Credits for $33.99
  • 99 + 30.60 (Bonus) Credits = 98.59 Credits for $75.99
  • 99 + 44.10 (Bonus) Credits = 142.09 Credits for $106.99
  • 99 + 71.10 (Bonus) Credits = 299.09 Credits for $169.99

What’s nice with the majority of online cam sites would be the flexibility of supported payment methods.

Apart from including the traditional payment options like credit and debit cards, most adult cam sites also support PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, gift cards, and other e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Anonymity tends to be at the helm of token acquisition, which not only protects your humility by leaves a paperless billing trail.

How to Use Sex Cam Tokens

There really isn’t a quote-on-quote ‘wrong’ way to use sex cam tokens and credits although there are certainly more optimal times to utilize your hard-earned tokens.

Depending upon your residing jurisdiction, holiday times are chock-full of streaming specials where live streaming, private shows, and much more can be found for as much as half off, which comes out to pennies on the dollar when you hash it out.

Apart from taking advantage of holiday specials, many online cam sites tend to host weekly streaming specials while the popular Voyeur streaming mode, which enables you to spy in on live private shows for a fraction fo the price, tends to be far more affordable to the Average Joe.

Streaming tokens and credits may also be used to tip your cam girl, which can be used as a method of acquiring your model’s attention, showing your generosity, or sometimes participating in what is known as group streams (where a cam model sets up a token goal that gets hit, the streamer will perform a previously disclosed service to all contributors, which tends to cost far less than doing an outright private show).

The Bottom Line

Sex cam tokens and credits are in employment with the simple goal of having visitors spend more money.

Through increased revenues come a greater margin of profits while cam visitors have a tendency to forget the conversion of money to tokens over time, which may result in more care-free spending.

While the pricing of tokens and credits vary greatly from cam site to cam site, there are effective ways to maximize your token packages by exercising patience and waiting for promotional offers.

To conclude, the realm of adult sex cams is booming in popularity while virtual reality advancements within the industry are revolutionizing the way people enjoy adult entertainment like never before.

To learn more about Live Jasmin’s token packages, you may read this unbiased review.

Image Courtesy: Google.com